About Me

Hi, my name is Vicky and photography is my one true love, well after my husband of 15 years and my two beloved daughters Izabel aged 10 and Eliza aged 7.

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that prior to having children this was not my job, and it is those two little girls that are responsible for me setting up my own photography business. I recall very clearly saying to my husband when Izzy was about 2 – ‘if I am going to take this many pictures of her, I may as well find out how to do it properly’, and so there it began.. Izzy was my original muse and inspiration, and it was the push from a fellow photographer, that finally gave me the confidence to start photographing other families.

So here we are 8 years and many, many families later. I have a genuine passion for creating beautiful images of you and your children, that will fill your heart with joy, and make you smile from ear to ear.

I love getting to know other people’s children, finding out what interests them, what makes them laugh, what are their hopes and dreams..

Being a parent myself I know how priceless a beautiful image of your child is, and it’s creating those kind of images for other parents, grandparents and families that motivates me.

So you know I love photography, and that I have two little girls, but what else can I tell you about me, to see if we would be a good fit for each other. Well, I love wine, does that help? I love good times with great friends and family, I love organising parties – I used to work in event management, so whether it’s a Friday night out with friends, a Halloween party for the kids, or my husbands 40th, I do love to organise a good doo! I am very much someone who lives for the now, I’m all about good times, and shared experiences with those that I love – and if possible, I will capture as many of those moments as I can with my camera, because a photograph stops a moment from running away..

If I sound like the kind of person you are looking for to photograph your family, then why not drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.