A Beautiful Summer’s Evening

So I knew that I had neglected my blogging but I didn’t realise I haven’t blogged anything since April this year… That’s not because of Covid as I have plenty to share with you. It’s because I am a naughty task avoider and there is always something else I think I need to do, perhaps you are like that too.

Before Summer completely shuts up shop on us until next year, I had to get this beautiful family photo shoot from last year (yes last year) up on the blog.

When Binnie (aka Belinda Grant) contacted me and said she would like me to photograph her family, I thought ‘hold on a minute, I recognise that name’. I then realised Binnie is a photographer that I follow and whose work I admire. So I was both thrilled and nervous in equal measure that she had chosen me. I recall her specifically saying that she had spent time looking for exactly the right person for the job and that that person was me.

Meeting Binnie, her husband Nick, daughter Hannah and son Toby was like meeting my ideal family that represent everything I want to capture – ‘joyful photography for warm hearted families’. That’s exactly what they wanted from their shoot and were happy to share their connection with me.

This family photo shoot took place in the fields around Binnie’s home in Sudbury on the most beautiful Summer’s evening and here are just some of my favourite images from our time together.

I am pleased to say that these guys loved their pictures, so much so Binnie took the time to phone me as soon as she had seen the gallery and I recall her saying ‘if I were in a room with you now Vicky I would hug you. The photos are everything I wanted and more’.

If you are looking for someone to capture your families connection I would love to hear from you.

Vicky x