A Family Photo Shoot for All Seasons

One of my new years resolutions is to take more photographs of my girls. Eliza is 6 in February and Izzy will be 10 this year. Double digits! How is that possible? I only had her five minutes ago! The time just flies by though, and I want to capture as much of their life journey as possible.

With my new years resolution in mind, I was going to take them out last Sunday for a quick shoot at Hylands Park, but then I decided it was too windy (or I was too lazy, whichever you prefer). So that got me thinking, Is there a ‘best time’ for a family photo shoot? Honestly I don’t think there is no, because I have had the pleasure of photographing such lovely families through all seasons and had fabulous results whatever the weather.

However it is important if you are thinking about having a family photo shoot, to consider what season you might like. Do you just love Spring flowers, the colours of Autumn, or are you just as happy in a big hug, hat and gloves?

Think about the season you and your family love most and get your shoot organised, it’s something rather lovely to look forward to as we press on through January. If you aren’t yet sure which season suits you, then perhaps you’ll take some inspiration from these family photo shoots below:





To book a family photo shoot for your favourite season, do drop me a line.

Vicky x