A Winter Family Photo Shoot

You know I should start by saying that for a long time now I have massively neglected my website and in particular the blogging photo shoots aspect of that. Well before Christmas I decided I was going to get organised and share some blog posts of the lovely families I had the pleasure of photographing over the last year or two. Now do you know what happened? On the same day I decided to do this my whole website went down and for reasons I won’t bore you with I lost the lion share of about 10 years of content…

Initially I was a little bit stressed out by this but very quickly that feeling was replaced by the sense that this could be quite a cathartic experience. So I decided to take it on the chin like a big girl and seize the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over.

So with that in mind this is my first blog post of 2023 and now my only blog post on the site until I start getting really busy here in the office like I have promised myself I am going to. Do you promised yourself you are going to do something then do something else entirely? Like start cleaning that stain on the carpet that hasn’t bothered you at all for the last year but now it’s suddenly really important..

Anyway enough about me, my technical drama and lack of ability to complete tasks..

I met and photographed this lovely family about a week before Christmas when the snow came. Roz, husband Rob, their collective children and Roz’s dear parents Derek and Barbara along with Bronte the dog made a chilly Sunday morning totally worth getting up for.

Roz is such a welcoming and warm person and her energy really radiated through the rest of the family. I think that warmth, love and joy can be felt here in this little snapshot of my time with them.

I think this is also great evidence that you really can have a lovely family photo shoot at any time of the year.

If you are looking for an Essex based family photographer then look no further, you have arrived at the right place. Do drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

Vicky x