And then she was 6…

Who is Eliza aged 6?

Eliza is curious, the most fascinating creature with a face that captivates. Luckily she loves having her photo taken too!

Eliza is very loving and caring. If she tells me she loves me once a day, she must tell me 20 times. She is very particular about who she shares her love with though, keeping a very close inner circle of family and friends who she deems fit for her loving attention. For anyone outside of that circle she is incredibly coy and to be honest bordering on rude.. Eliza does not exist to be a people pleaser, and for that I kind of admire her. She has an amazing RBF, hopefully anyone who knows what that means will find it amusing, and if you don’t then let’s leave it there..

Our beloved 6 year old Eliza is our in house comedian, she loves to dress up, dance, put on funny accents and make up shows. She definitely gets the award for funniest Holmes!

Her big Sister is her world, and though they bicker it is clear to see she looks up to her, craves her attention and is never happier than when she is getting that much coveted attention.

Eliza is very studious, she absolutely loves school and doing well is very important to her. She has a very close nit group of friends that she is very loyal to.

Eliza is very tall for her age and we call her the BFG!

She has the softest little hands I love to hold and gives the warmest hugs and kisses.

Family is very important to Eliza, and her Daddy is her hero.

Her teddy is very important too, featured here in these photos. I don’t know what we will do if teddy is ever lost, as we only have one! There is something of which Eliza is lucky to have four of, and that is loving grandparents also photographed here in this post. If asked to say something about each of them she would say: Grandma Margaret, good for making and doing, Grandad Derek, good for fixing things. Nanny Jacqui, good at cooking and Grandad Chris, good for fun!

Eliza, is I think going to be the dark horse, the one you didn’t see coming. The girl who seemed in her big Sister’s shadow is going to soar up into the sky, above the clouds and show the world what she is made of.

You are so loved Eliza, I am getting tears in my eyes as I write this and think of you.

It’s easy to say ‘my daughter is caring and kind’, but let me give you an example of this. Upon making up her party bags the other day, Eliza said ‘Mummy I have a spare bag, I’d like you to have it, but I don’t have anything nice to put in it for you. On the next weekend, could Daddy take me into town so that I can buy some nice things to put in your bag Mummy?’…

What does the future hold in store for you Eliza? I cannot wait to find out and to follow you on life’s journey.

Here is a stolen quote for you my love: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is youer than you.” Dr Seuss

Just keep being you Eliza Holmes, just keep doing you.

Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl..