Autumn Family Photos

The world in Autumn really is a beautiful place and this is definitely one of my favourite times of year to photograph families.

Tara featured here with her husband Matt and children Sienna and Hugo had their Autumn family photo shoot with me in November 2021. I cannot believe it was already that long ago and I am only just sharing this gorgeous family with you now.

Tara does my nails, I do like a good manicure. I may do the school run like I just got out of bed but at least my nails look nice. Priorities right?

Anyway she told me she was really nervous about the shoot, they all hate having their photo taken especially the children and particularly Hugo. So what to do in order to prepare? I had observed during many a manicure that Hugo liked to play with tools, he loves a bit of pretend DIY that one. So I asked around friends and neighbours with small children and I borrowed a toy tool kit, thinking well if all else fails we’ll get that out and just let him play.

What’s the point of telling you this? Well I hope that it conveys the level of attention I pay and effort I am prepared to go to for you and your children.

The good news is as the photos convey, we never needed the tool kit. And do you know whenever I see Hugo he gives me a hug. That’s a job well done for me.

So if you are looking for an Essex based family photographer who will give you there all then look no further. I’m here for you. So drop me a line.