Bluebell Family Photo Shoot

Mum Lauren contacted me at the beginning of 2022 having been recommended to me by a long time lovely and loyal repeat customer. So much of my business comes from recommendation and I am so very grateful for it. I’m not going to lie, I aspire to my name being synonymous with family photography in Essex. For my ego? Partly of course but mainly because I want to be a good role model for my girls and show them that I created something that I am passionate about after and largely because, they were born.

Lauren and family were moving from their home in Hatfield Peveral and wanted to have the shoot at the Bluebell woods near where they lived. I like to know where I am shooting so I met Lauren a couple of weeks prior to the shoot so that she could show me the location. I think I would struggle to find those woods ever again as they really are in the middle of nowhere but absolutely worth the effort.

On the day of the shoot I got there early to prepare as I always do and as I was having a good look around, my foot went straight down a rabbits burrow up to about my knee! I’m honestly surprised I didn’t twist or break my ankle. Can you imagine if the family had arrived 20 minutes later to find me knee deep in a rabbits home.. Once I got over the shock and brushed myself off I really did have to laugh at the scrapes I get myself in when preparing for an on location shoot.

Lauren contacted me later that day after the shoot to tell me what a brilliant time the kids had had. I was so pleased to receive that feedback as I do make a huge effort to build great rapport with the children that I meet.

We created some beautiful memories that day and this is just a small snapshot of our time together.

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Vicky x