Children’s Festival Party

How are you today? I don’t know when you might stumble across this post but when you do I hope it makes you smile.

This as a birthday party filled with colour, joy, life and laughter and it really makes me smile from ear to ear to reflect back on these event photography images from my Izzy’s 10th Birthday party last year.

I used to work in event management so organising parties is very much still at the heart of what I enjoy. I just do it for fun now but whether it’s my husband’s 40th, Halloween, the girls birthdays or just getting together with friends for dinner it’s what lights me up in the same way that photography does. When I’ve organised a party and get to photograph it too it’s twice the fun for me.

This birthday party was a festival in the garden theme, put together by the brilliant Rentival, super faceprinting by Glitterbox and lots of fun and games from myself and the long suffering Grandmas who always help me get my crazy ideas to fruition.

At the time of writing this we are in UK lockdown for Coronavirus. I wonder when we will be allowed to come together again and celebrate getting through these strangest of times. I’m glad I had this mad, completely over-the-top party for Izzy last year, because who can say whether she’ll be allowed to have one this year.. We just don’t know do we.

For now at least we have each other, we have happy memories like these to reflect back on and we have the belief that the end of this will come. When it does we sure are going to party 😉

Hopefully I’ll be back out photographing celebrations like these before we know it.