Family Photography At Hylands Park

I have a lovely time on all of my photo shoots, because photographing families is what makes me happy, but I had a particularly good time with these guys.

Daughter Jennifer contacted me last year to arrange a family photo shoot as a gift for her Mum’s 60th birthday present.

Like most of the people I photograph we had never met before, but when I met up with the family at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, I knew straight away they were going to be good fun.

These guys laughed together constantly, they had great family chemistry and are obviously a very close and loving family. What was particularly lovely to notice was the strong connection between Mum and Dad.

The wisteria was starting to bloom and made a lovely backdrop for some of these natural family photos. Here are just some of my favourite images from this family photo shoot.

If you would like to book a natural family photo shoot then why not drop me a line.

Vicky x