Family photos at Danbury Common

Danbury Common in Essex is home to beautiful lakes, forest and lovely walks for the family. It’s also an absolute favourite of mine for autumnal family photo shoots.

Dad Mathew contacted me to book a photo shoot as a gift for his wife Victoria, so that the family could have a photo shoot with their new baby son Joseph and Mathew’s two daughters Rosie and Olivia.

We had a lovely walk around the forest, the colours of the leaves made such a lovely backdrop for the shoot. Rosie and Olivia were such sweet girls and very attentive big Sisters to their new baby brother Joseph.

I have many favourites from this photo shoot, as did the family who decided to buy the entire digital gallery. Here is just a selection from this on location family photo shoot.

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If you are interested in a family photo shoot, whatever the season, then do drop me a line.