Hair by Siobhan

Seeing your friend’s creative vision and dream realised is a wonderful thing. Being asked to photograph it is even better.

Siobhan is a truly talented hairdresser (my school run look should not be used as a point of reference for this…) and that talent which she’s kept going in her home for the last goodness knows how many years, needed a new space to grow in, and here it is.

This stunning hair salon is a wonderful output of Siobhan’s inner self – beautiful, creative, talented – mad plant lady!

Siobhan is one of those women in life who inspires the rest of us to do more. She is constantly seeking to achieve more, be more and to make her family’s dreams come true.

You might struggle to get a hair appointment with her in her beautiful new ibiza style haven of a hair salon (as she is one popular lady). However you really must follow her on Instagram. Here you will be able to keep up with all that is new in hair styles and make-up looks and probably a few fashion tips on how to look like (in my opinion), the most stylish woman in Chelmsford. You might like to follow her just to keep up with the life and times of Marley the Pomeranian Dog, featured here in this shoot.

Siobhan Montague this is just the beginning. You have so, so much more to give. Here is a little slice of what you have created so far…

This is a great example of a personal branding shoot. Siobhan is her brand, Siobhan is her business and these images will help her to tell her business story. Storytelling through photography is at the heart of everything I do, if you are looking for an Essex based photographer (who’s happy to travel), to tell your brand story, I’d love to hear from you.

Vicky x