Little Sisters

This is the third time I have been asked by Mum Becky to photograph Amelia aged 4. I was fortunate to photograph her when she was born, when she was a few months old, and now that she is a big Sister to little Lottie.

These images from this children’s lifestyle portrait session were a surprise Christmas present for Daddy Sam. Becky loved the images from her shoot so much that she bought the entire digital gallery.

I drove over to Surrey in November, and we were really lucky to have an hour’s break of sunshine in an otherwise rainy day, for me to photograph the girls in their garden at home.

The girls both welcomed me with open arms, so much so Mum Becky commented that it was unusual to see them both so receptive to someone new in the house. It’s an absolute delight for me to build a lovely rapport with the children and families I photograph. These two were such smiley poppets I certainly hope I will be able to continue to capture their different life stages as they get older.

Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot.

childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls6 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls4 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls1 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls3 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls2 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls5 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls7 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls8 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls9 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls10 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls12 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls11 childrens_lifestyle_portrait_photography_essex_beckysgirls13

And here is Amelia in her last shoot just over 3 years ago.

If you would like to book a children’s lifestyle or family lifestyle photography session then do drop me a line.

Vicky x