Photography Projects for Children

It’s Saturday 18th April and we have been in UK coronavirus lockdown now for 4 weeks I think? It’s all become a bit of a blur hasn’t it.

So far, I have chosen to use this time positively, you have to don’t you. What else are we going to do? Stay under the duvet until it’s all over? 😉 There will I am sure, be many positives to come from this unprecedented situation, more family time, less carbon emissions, world healing, more gratitude, less greed. The list goes on and on..

With two little girls at home both keen photographers, I thought what can I do that parents and children might find fun and interesting. So the girls and I came up with the children’s photography challenge. Nine challenges, nine images per challenge, all completely different and doable on a simple mobile phone camera, or if you have another camera you want to use – great!

It’s made me really happy to see people engaging with the challenges and showing me their children’s work. I think this is something you might come back to and do at any time you have the time, so I am putting all nine challenges here on my blog so you know where they are when you want them.

First up:

Make a rainbow. Find 9 different coloured items to represent the colours of the rainbow and because I love a bit of sparkle we included gold and silver too.

Challenge 2:

Treasure Hunt. Find 9 different items smaller than a 50p.

Challenge 3:

Toy Story. Use your favourite toys to tell a story through 9 images.

Challenge 4:

Perspective. Let’s try and see things differently, what nine ways can you find to change the perspective of what we see?

Challenge 5:

Black and white. Photograph nine different items around the home that are black and white.

Challenge 6:

Nature. Birds, bees, plants and seeds, soil worms, things that squirm. Can you find nine different things in the nature around you to photograph?

Challenge 7:

We found this one really good to solidify my little Eliza’s understanding of verbs. What 9 verbs can you depict?

Challenge 8:

Reflections. A good one for the vain and creative among us. What reflections can you create in your home?

Final challenge, number 9:

We started with a rainbow so we decided to end with one too. A rainbow is a sign of hope, so how much hope can you create by using things around the home to create nine different types of rainbow.

Thank you to my two little rainbows for helping me create these photography projects for children, and for inspiring me every day to keep taking photos.

I hope you’ll enjoy doing these, I’d love to see what your family comes up with.

For now, stay safe, have hope and make rainbows.

Vicky x