Professional Event Photography

I’ve been having a little look through the event photography archive and was reminded of this Telstra Purple event hosted at the stunning FORA London Waterloo location. www.foraspace.com have co-working and event hire locations around London and also nationwide. Having photographed events at 3 of their London venues the Waterloo space featured here is my absolute favourite. The light, the celling height, room design and general attention to detail is truly superb.

Event photography in this kind of space is pure joy. The lovely relaxed nature of these breakfast events always made for an enjoyable morning’s work for me.

If you don’t get a professional in to photograph your business and brand events, how will anyone know they happened?

I’m well known for my stealth like ability to blend in, work the room and capture your event with style. Drop me a line and let’s discuss your event schedule for 2024.