School’s out for Summer 2018

Well I cannot believe I am saying it, but school is out for Summer yet again!

I get really emotional when my girls finish another school year, particularly with my eldest Izzy who will be 9 in August, because every new school year she finishes, takes her another step away from being my little girl, and so much closer to a young lady. She still has so much magic and childlike belief about her, but with only 2 years left at prep school, that will so soon be gone.

With our beloved little Eliza going into a year with an actual number in it in September, we still have a lot left of the little girl to hold on to, although I am sure before we know it she’ll transform right in front of our eyes.

If you follow my work you’ll know I do a ‘school’s out for summer’ shoot every year. This year I decided we had done the school uniform look to death, so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy these sun drenched images of the loves of my life, really showing what Summer is all about.

The girls are going into Summer after another wonderful year at school, they both brought home great school reports and both won the award for each of their classes for their ‘gospel values’ – for anyone wondering what that’s all about, it’s essentially given to children who are always caring and considerate to others.

My girls are not the cleverest, the fastest, the best dancers, most accomplished gymnasts or strongest swimmers. However I am certain that with kindness and joy in their hearts they will go far in life.

Joy is something I aim to capture in my photography, joy is something my girls are brimming over with, and pure joy is what they bring to my life.

School’s out girls – enjoy!