Newborn Photography In Essex

I’ve had the joy of photographing many babies over the past 5 years, and having had that experience I have come to the conclusion that there are two particularly lovely stages for a really successful shoot. I believe these to be when baby is newborn (2-4 weeks old), and then from when baby can sit up. There are however no hard and fast rules, and I would be happy to photograph your baby at any stage in his or her life, but here are my thoughts on those two key milestones.

The newborn stage is a beautiful and unique time in your baby’s life. The service I provide means that you can stay in the comfort of your own home and I will photograph you there. My aim is to capture beautiful, natural, lifestyle images of you and your baby together. Because babies are so small most of these shots will involve you and/or Daddy holding your baby.

An at home newborn baby photography session will take 1-2 hours.

Baby Photography in Essex

Once baby is past the newborn stage, they are a bit wobbly, more difficult to pose and don’t yet have control of their own body. For this reason, I think it’s really worth holding out for when baby can sit up independently. This means I can photograph your baby not just with Mummy and Daddy, but on their own.

The early sitting up stage allows me to capture your baby clapping, playing with toys and generally having a very jolly time.

The sitting milestone in babies tends to happen from 6 months onwards, so depending on the time of year it’s lovely to take the shoot outside if possible. Imagine gorgeous photos of your beloved baby sat on a blanket playing happily under a tree.

A baby photography session will take around 1 hour.

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