Summer by the river

This Summer family photo shoot was around the time of the Queen’s jubilee. I remember because I wore my tee-shirt with the Queen on it to the shoot.

I have known Grace, Dean and the kids as a family at my daughters school for several years now, so I was delighted when they entrusted their family photography with me. Like so many families I meet Grace said they hadn’t had any photos taken together for years. Also like so many Mums I meet, she was worried that her older children in particular would not be keen on the idea but she was trusting me to work my magic.

I like that word magic. I like to think that this is absolutely what I am meant to create for you. If I can do that then I am happy.

We did this Chelmsford family photo shoot down by the river in Little Baddow where I often walk my cockapoo Mollie. Mollie has lead me to find many good locations I would otherwise not have known about. I like everyone’s photo shoot to feel unique and special to them and I go to great lengths to find new locations or to make existing locations feel new or special for each individual family.

Here is a little snapshot in time of the memories I created for Grace which I know she loves and treasures.

Looking for an Essex family photographer who can create some magic? You are in the right place. I look forward to hearing from you.

Vicky x