A Summer Family Photo Shoot at Hylands Park

It’s always lovely to be asked by people you know if they can book your for a family photo shoot. You can definitely get into the shoot more quickly if you already know the people involved.

The lovely family depicted in this shoot are Mum Karen, Dad Paul, my daughter Izzy’s 7 year old class mate James, and my daughter Eliza’s 3 year old classmate Blake.

Even though I consider the family friends, there is definitely something nerve racking about doing a family photo shoot for people you know, especially when it’s a school connection – you kind of really need that to go well! Well I need not have worried. Blake and James were as adorable as I know them to be, they smiled, they had fun, they played, ran, hugged, jumped and giggled! That pretty much covers off all of my requirements for a really good natural family photo shoot!

This family photo shoot took place at Hylands Park. You may have noticed I shoot there a lot, but I also take great trouble to make sure that each shoot looks different, preparing in advance new ideas and locations for shooting.

Thank you so much Karen and Paul for inviting me to photograph your family, it truly was an absolute pleasure, and definitely one of my favourite photo shoots of the Summer.

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If you would like a relaxed, informal and fun photo shoot for your family, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Vicky x